We work with all types of interactive / creative agencies, digital services firms, and service-oriented organizations. We work best with organizations of  15 and 100+ people. Our engagements are almost always initiated with the agency owners, or members of the leadership team; then our interactions extend throughout the organization.



Agency Insights can provide ongoing senior-level consulting in the form of Fractional Executive (Part-time or Interim), Executive Consulting, and Management Coaching. Our project services include assessments, planning workshops, targeted troubleshooting analyses; vendor/platform due diligence, and team training.



We scope our recommendations to specifically address your needs. Our engagements typically begin on-site , where we can acclimate and interact with your team; and then mutually agree upon the correct balance of on-site – off-site  accessibility moving forward. During our on-site time, we interview all necessary personnel and document the “current state”. Armed with that useful knowledge base, we’ll then scope and formulate an action plan to address and resolve the pain points. Our recommendations will include an action plan and prioritizations on how to best move forward. This will be followed by implementation of the recommended solution set and corrective measures.


Fractional Executive

Add a General Manager or senior-level executive to your team for 20-40% of the salary.    

Executive Consulting

…because sometimes you need to bounce an idea by someone who’s been there before.    

Management Training

Ensure your management team is consistent and playing from the same sheet music


Sales Process Analysis

Winning deals is not an art, but rather a well-planned series of structured processes.    

Collaboration Platforms

Your team’s work ought to be centralized, organized, and web-accessible, and part of a documented workflow. 

Staff Retention Workshop

Are you faced with high turnover rates, and frequently backfilling vacated positions?    

Vendor Evaluation

When it’s time to augment your staff or outsource a key function to an agency; we’ll help vet, screen, and recommend the most qualified partner.

Workflow Analysis

Have you mapped the workflow of your service(s) from sales lead through project completion? With each and every hand-off point between individuals and departments documented?    

Product Development

Are you scheduling annual workshops to review and refresh your service offering?