Fractional Executive

Bringing a fresh perspective to the table can make a world of difference
Bringing a fresh perspective to the table can make a world of difference

The management needs of an organization can vary in terms of growth stage, times of crisis, special projects or other initiatives that are beyond the core competencies of your business. Additionally, the leadership team of a company is often not prepared to bring an expensive, full-time hire into the organization for multiple reasons - financial, time bandwidth, uncertainty of current management’s abilities to fill that void, and many other reasons. 


Nevertheless, no one would doubt the impact and benefit to your organization from the experience and expertise provided by a full-time Chief Operating Officer, General Manager, or other Executive hire. A Fractional Executive may be your best alternative.

What is a Fractional Executive?

A fractional executive is an experienced business veteran who is adept at stepping into companies as a part-time or interim executive to operate alongside your team for half-a-day or a couple days a week. We help you assess and prioritize your areas of need, and then plan and execute the resultant corrective measures. 

Consultant vs Fractional Executive?

Whereas a consultant is engaged for a specific company priority or project; a Fractional Executive brings an extensive skillset and experience level to guide your company, while addressing multiple concurrent needs.


  • Immediate access to missing expertise and experience you require, rather than ...
    • postpone that hire until finances improve
    • settle for what you can afford
  • No wasted time training a low or mid-level manager
  • Lower cost than full time hire
    • i.e. a Fractional GM for one day a week, would only require 20% of the going market salary of a General Manager
    • or looking at another way…for the approximate cost of a lower-to-mid level hire

Leading Key Initiatives, Leading Departments or Leading Companies

We’ll provide you with the expertise and experience you need to:

  • Manage complex projects
  • Guide the timely implementation of a key corporate initiative
  • Author and Manage policies & processes 
  • Develop and fine-tune new growth strategies
  • Stimulate organizational and cultural change
  • Backfill business-critical roles which have been recently vacated

Our engagement focus can be on a project, departmental, or corporate level.