Product Development Workshop

As is most often the case, a company’s products and services are the end result of brilliant ideas, thorough  research, and years of diligent execution. However, very few things withstand the test of time, and the ever-changing business landscape mandates that our services must evolve to remain relevant and competitive.


It has become a best practice to assess and review your entire service offering on an annual basis (if not more frequently, depending on your particular industry) to determine if a re-alignment or an entire makeover is needed. A well-organized Planning Workshop should be planned for 1-3 days with the participation of your key management team members.

Typical agenda topics

  • Is today’s definition of an Ideal Prospect / Client still accurate, or has it shifted?
  • Revisit program minimums and service price points.
  • Discussion of latest trends and how they may impact your services.
    • Review your present Go-to-Market approach and determine if Sales & Marketing need to re-energize the messaging to address these trends.
    • Brainstorm new solutions to fill gaps in your offerings.
  • Re-assess the current state of each of your service offerings, and ask:
    • WHAT do we offer?
    • WHY is it relevant?
    • WHO will execute or fulfill?
    • How will it be measured?
  • Review your fulfillment staff utilization and client assignments.
  • Review current roster of freelance contractors and vendor partners.
  • Determine if “new” or additional training is required.
  • Ensure your library of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for each deliverable is up-to-date.
  • Determine if your sales collateral, case studies, website, and corporate presentation decks require a refresh.

   …and don’t forgot to include great food, drinks, and a memorable team-building event while you’re at it!!