Sales Process Analysis

With many growing companies, the Founder is the original rainmaker and primary revenue generator, and subsequent sales team members are hired and report into the Founder. Very often the Founder doesn’t have the time, nor budget, to hire a dedicated Sales Manager.


However, having a fledgling sales team report directly to the CEO or President doesn’t afford them the time and attention needed to provide the in-depth one-on-one coaching required by the individual sales team members. This often results in a loosely organized team with disjointed processes, absence of best practices, and disparate selling philosophies, which subsequently leads to loss of focus, missed targets, and potentially high turnover. 

….you’d be amazed at how many organizations take an adhoc approach to their business development efforts….

Our Approach

Our approach to Business Development is to “recommend SOLUTIONS” to your prospective clients, rather than “sell stuff”. To recommend solutions one has to put in a tremendous effort into the early discovery phase of the sales cycle. Engage the prospect in a deep conversation on their current state, their needs, and their challenges. All the while, taking notes, asking questions, moderating the dialogue, and listening more than talking. Crafting a solution becomes the easy part of the process, once you know the objective, decision makers, budget, and selection criteria…. (which can be given to you by the prospect…if you ask the right questions, in the right way).  The objective, with every opportunity, is to be viewed as a trusted business advisor, rather than a “salesperson”. When this is achieved, success usually follows.

Sales Process Analysis includes:

  • Define the Ideal Client
  • Document the Approach, Value Proposition, and Points of Differentiation 
  • Draft Discovery Questions Worksheets for each line of service
  • Lead qualification/disqualification criteria
  • Guide the development of sales collateral
  • Centralized prospect and opportunity entries (i.e
  • Map Opportunity Workflow from Lead to Contract
    • Document Best Practices and SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for the entire sale process
  • Reporting:
    • Sales dashboards
    • Opportunity pipeline
    • Activity
  • Structure & Cadence of Team and One-on-One meetings
  • Comprehensive Report of Analysis Findings
  •  Implementation of recommended Action Plan

Agency Insights will help kick-start your sales efforts or completely restructure your business development function, by building upon the above approach and instituting a well-planned sales process, which begins with a thorough New Business Development Analysis.