Staff Retention

Assembling a team to the proper staffing levels, with the right mix of skills, capabilities, and subject matter expertise is an ongoing challenge, which is made worse with unexpected or frequent resignations. We’ve been down this road, where you take one step forward with a new hire, inching you closer to a fully staffed team, only to take two steps backwards, with an unexpected resignation, and an increased workload on your existing staff.


Agency Insights will implement the best practices and policies to help you build an adaptable culture, assist you with team-building, active mentorship, and frequent career-planning discussions to nurture loyal employees, retain your talent, and develop future leaders.

Are you frequently backfilling vacated positions, due to high employee turnover?

It begins with the mindset of providing your staff with EVERYTHING you can, in order to help them learn, succeed, and grow within your organization. What do we mean by EVERYTHING? Here is a sample of what can be provided in order to develop and retain great talent:

  • Detailed on-boarding training checklist (you just can’t throw them into the fire...)
  • Clear job description and how their role fits into the larger picture
  • Career path into their next position within your organization
  • Weekly / biweekly one-on-one meetings to guide and mentor their progress
  • Increase their visibility within the company and with clients (while you support them  behind the scenes)
  • Proper tools and training to get the job done
  • And much, much more (I can’t give it all away on this webpage…)

This Staff Retention Workshop will require a half day and is ideally targeted to anyone in a management position with a staff of direct reports.