Agency / Vendor Evaluation

…every company will arrive at that fork in the road, when it must decide between: “do it” in-house or outsource?

We can assess if your internal teams need to be expanded or perhaps even augmented with an agency partner. If outsourcing to an agency is the most viable alternative, we’ll help vet, screen, and recommend the most qualified partner.

With a name like Agency Insights, we can come in handy, by helping you navigate the multitude of agency choices. With over 15 years’ experience within the interactive agency industry, we can assist you with selecting the right agency partner, service provider, or consultant for the following services:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing:  Strategy, Creative, & Production
  • Social Media: Strategy, Campaign Management, & Influencer Engagement 
  • Pay per Click (SEM)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Email Marketing: Strategy & Campaign Management
  • Brand Identity & Graphic Design
  • Video Production

We will assume the following responsibilities during the evaluation and selection process:

  • User Requirements
  • Outline list of skills and expertise required
  • Define key evaluation criteria
    • Relevant experience
    • Skill Set & Approach
    • Methodology
    • Examples of strategy innovations & creativity
    • Tools
    • Track record meeting objectives
  • Pricing, rates, and program minimums
  • ...and more