Workflow Analysis

Having your key agency processes mapped and documented is essential, if you strive for OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE.

Good decision making is the lifeblood of your business. Good decisions depend on good data.

Lack of visibility into your organizational processes can lead to delays, inefficiency, and project failures costing you precious dollars. If decision making is the lifeblood, then an  accurate organizational workflow is the heartbeat of your company. That is why it is imperative for business leaders to have a real-time view to your key processes. Allowing you to  quickly identify and answer:


  • “What’s the hold-up?”
  • “Why is it taking so long?”
  • “Who are we waiting on?”
  • “How much is this costing us?

Our Workflow Analysis will cover: agency strategy, business development, organizational workflow, connection points to admin functions (such as legal, finance, IT, etc.), client on-boarding, and project team personnel assignments through project completion and final billing.

conceptualize the process and always look for the hand-off and connection points to faciltate workflow

Agency Insights can assess, analyze, and document all aspects of your agency's operational processes (from sales inquiry through service fulfillment) to gain an accurate understanding of your agency/firm and identify bottlenecks, pain points, and areas of improvement.


Our Workflow Analysis will yield a detailed mapping of your current state and will specify the recommendations leading to an optimal workflow map, or even a complete implementation onto a suitable workflow management platform.


  • Improves efficiency and effectiveness within the company
  • Clarifies roles and responsibilities
  • Improves knowledge transfer across the organization
  • Reduces exposure of having key processes residing with one or two individuals
  • Identifies how team members (and separate tasks) fit into the big picture
  • Creates a framework for all employees to fine-tune the process and contribute to future revisions